Thank Maui County Council for protecting our West Maui ocean waters!

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  1. Re: Aug 9, 2019 – Trump’s EPA Sides With Water Polluters In Major Hawaii Case

    Thank you for your decision to withdraw the appeal to the Supreme Court for “Going Underground to Foul the Pacific and Undercut the Clean Water Act.”

    If you like sewage, chemical wastes or radioactive molecules in your drinking water the Trump Administration has your back. It’s part of Team Trump’s determined efforts to remake the Environmental Protection Agency into the Environmental Pollution Agency.

    Soon the U.S. Supreme Court, urged on by Team Trump, may give its stamp of approval to effectively undo many benefits of the 1972 Clean Water Act in a case from the Hawaiian island of Maui.

    Environmental groups are seeking to stop Maui County from injecting pollutants into the ground, where they mix with groundwater and then flow to the ocean. The groups say the practice evades current pollution laws that bar the fouling of surface waters. The Trump Administration, reversing the Obama Administration’s stance, is on the polluters’ side.

    The Supreme Court, with two Trump appointees, has fast-tracked the case. …

    * Aug 13, 2014 – The Lahaina Groundwater Tracer Study: Project Overview and Update

    * July 10, 2019 – The State of Hawaii found guilty of violating Clean Water Act on Kauai with cancer-linked Glyphosate, other pesticides.

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