Ideas for solo hiking – South Maui

In April 2020 we are required to keep a distance from people outside of our own household to slow the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and to allow our health and other services to take care of those who need help. Sierra Club has therefor canceled all organized outings until further notice. But we are still allowed to venture out on our own or with members of our own household for exercise such as walking, running, hiking, swimming and surfing. No need to stay cooped up at home all day. Just keep at least six feet between yourself and anyone you meet. This is the first of several posts on good places to go hiking/walking without a guide.

South Maui is blessed with miles of easily accessible coastline that even novice hikers can enjoy. You can walk from beach to beach with only short detours on low grassy bluffs all the way from Kalama Park to Ulua Beach, over 3 miles. This stretch includes beautiful views out over low rocky cliffs as well as eight sandy beaches. Stay as close as you can to the water to keep on this trail. When you get to the South end of Ulua Beach you can walk up to the paved Wailea Beach Walk and continue for another mile to Polo Beach. No need to do the whole trail – you can generally get to it from South Kihei Road or Wailea Alanui Drive from one or both ends of any of the ten beaches it passes. Here is an approximate map of the 4+ mile (one-way) path described:


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    • Acceess to Wailea 670 is currently only through events organized by Sierra Club. All group outings are unfortunately on hold because of the need to end the coronavirus spread through social distancing. There will be opportunities in the future, but no one knows yet when that will be.

    • Sugar Beach is Hawaii’s longest sandy beach. I think you can walk along the shoreline all the way from Wailana Place and South Kihei Road to Haycraft Park in Maalaea.

    • My understanding of the current rules is:
      – OK to hike/walk/run with members of the family unit living together
      – Keep 6′ distance from people you meet
      – If you don’t have someone to go with you from your family unit and don’t want to walk alone, your companion has to keep a distance of 20′

      That last one is a little strange, but that’s how I understood it.

  1. We hiked Waiakoa Loop recently. It was lovely and green & we especially loved the water ways. However we became concerned at 1) all the damage done by pigs – worst I have ever seen. 2) thriving banana poka 3) fireweed 4) gorse 5) many dead looking trees – lots of hinahina. This seems to be an area crying out for help.

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