A walk down the South Maui Shoreline

Rob Weltman and Ann Wallace walked the developed South Maui coast from North Kihei at the Maui Canoe Club to the square parking lot at Kanehena, both to enjoy the views and to see where coastal access is blocked. It is about 20 miles of white sandy beaches interspersed with scenic lava flows creating a series of small coves and long beaches.

Much of the South Maui coast is public access: state or county land. There are some spots that are impassable along the shoreline and a detour is required on a nearby road. Each section is full of interesting features and adventures.

Here are maps of the route, and photos taken along the way. Blocked access is indicated as orange lines.

Note: some sections described here may be less accessible at times due to tide or weather conditions.

All photos courtesy of Ann Wallace.