WikiLeaks Releases More Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Treaty Docs

WikiLeaks released more secret documents and draft Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty.

Sierra Club has concerns over this treaty including its secrecy, giving unfettered rights to corporations and increasing fracking, among other environmental problems.

Sierra Club policy says:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is an expansive new trade agreement being negotiated between countries in the Pacific Rim, including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and the United States. Because the TPP is intended as a “dockin g agreement,” other Pacific Rim countries can join over time. Japan — the world’s largest natural gas importer — has formally announced its intention to join the talks.

The TPP touches on a broad range of issues — the environment, workers and jobs, access to me dicines, and more . For example, every indication is that the TPP would allow foreign corporations to sue governments directly — for unlimited cash compensation in foreign tribunals — over almost any domestic environmental or other law that the corporation be lieves is hurting its ability to profit. And, by offering special benefits to firms that relocate investment and jobs to other countries , the TPP could incentivize offshoring of good – paying jobs to low – wage nations and undercut working conditions globally.

Despite the impact that the TPP would have on nearly every aspect of our lives, the TPP is being negotiated in near complete secrecy. None of the draft chapters of the agreement have been made public and apart from TPP government officials, nearly the only people with access to texts are more than 600 business representatives who serve as official US trade advisors.

One of the dirtiest secrets of the TPP is its potential to pave the way for dramatically increase fracking across the United States.  Read more