Sierra Club Supporting Solar

Solar Makes a Splash! 

In partnership with Pacific Resource Partnership, we recently announced the results of a state-wide poll that showed a stunning, nearly unanimous 96% support for solar energy. In addition, we also took the opportunity to literally roll out the petition that over 900 people signed in support of a modern, clean energy grid.

If you’ve ever wondered what 900 people in a legislator’s office looks like, it looks something like this:

The poll and the petition got great coverage on Star Advertiser among others! solar petition

Rep. Chris Lee responded to your petition by saying, “We’ve heard it loud and clear from voters that they want to install solar. The Legislature is committed to looking at policies this year that overcome current hurdles and ensure that our residents can continue to go green and save money with solar.”

Your voice is one of the things we’re giving thanks for today, as we reflect on this vital time of transition in Hawai’i. You made a difference, and can continue to make a difference as we move forward into a clean energy future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With aloha,
Caitlin Pomerantz
Conservation Coordinator, Sierra Club of Hawai’i