The Kaheawa II Wind Farm and the Fate of the Hawaiian Hoary Bat

Introduction Kaheawa II is the lower string of wind turbines on the mountain above Maʻalaea. It became operational in July 2012 and provides about 21 MW of power to the grid. A Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) committed the wind farm to not “taking” (kill, maim, harass) more than 11 Hawaiian Hoary Bats (ʻOpeʻapeʻa) within a 20-year contract period. However, that number has been estimated to already have been taken in seven years; the company has … Read more

Submit Comments on the Anaergia MANA Draft EIS

(Read about this issue in our previous post here  and in a Maui News article about the recently held public meeting.) Anaergia/MANA has submitted a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) to the county, which must be approved in a final form before the project can move forward. The deadline to comment on this Draft EIS is Tuesday, February 6, 2018. We urge Sierra Club Maui members and supporters to submit comments on the Draft EIS. … Read more

Anaergia’s MANA Project Questioned in The Maui News

Original Article at:   Sewage plant project would end landfill green waste composting JAN 26, 2018 CHRIS SUGIDONO Staff Writer Green waste is dumped off at EKO System’s drop-off at the Central Maui Landfill in this photo taken in February 2016. A proposed renewable energy project at the Wailuku-Kahului Wastewater Reclamation Facility would put the 23-year-old composting facility out of business, diverting the sewage sludge that is a necessary component in EKO’s composing process. … Read more

Raise Your Voice Against Anaergia/MANA’s Digester Facility

Maui County is contracting w/ Anaergia Services, LLC via its local Maui company MANA, LLC (Maui All Natural Alternatives) to build a waste digester power plant. BUT TO MAKE IT WORK, ANAERGIA NEEDS TO:  Get water from A&B to – Grow sorghum crops on A&B land to – Harvest the crops to – Bring the crops to Kahului to – Put in their not-yet-built $20 million waste digester plant to – Create biogas to power the … Read more

New Maui Water Study

At the request of the Ulupono Initiative, Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy, Jackson School of Geosciences has studied Maui’s water availability. A Systems Approach for Investigating Water, Energy, and Food Scenarios in East-Central Maui concludes: “The water availability for different scenarios is based upon the precipitation, surface water, and groundwater on the Eastern (Haleakala) portion of Maui. Most of the 330 million gallons per day (MGD) of average surface water runoff is already used for some purpose (see … Read more