Protecting and Preserving Maui Nui’s Environment & Important Cultural Sites for Over 40 Years

Preserve state lands for environmental and recreational use

Act 90 was adopted by the State of Hawai‘i in 2003, specifying that agricultural land that is state-owned should be managed by the Department of Agriculture (DOA) rather than the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DNLR). The DLNR has provided short-term and long-term leases to farmers and ranchers on suitable land for a very long time. In addition, some lands have been transferred to the DOA as per Act 90. The past year a … Read more

A walk down the South Maui Shoreline

Rob Weltman and Ann Wallace walked the developed South Maui coast from North Kihei at the Maui Canoe Club to the square parking lot at Kanehena, both to enjoy the views and to see where coastal access is blocked. It is about 20 miles of white sandy beaches interspersed with scenic lava flows creating a series of small coves and long beaches. Much of the South Maui coast is public access: state or county land. … Read more

Community Meetings on Affordable Housing Plan

We need much more affordable housing, but building in the Pu‘uone of Wai‘ale on iwi kupuna is NOT a good plan for affordable housing. It would be important for this county plan to include that information and that conclusion. Please attend, learn and speak at a meeting near you:

ALERT: Water Use and Development Plan (WUDP) at County Council October 9 at 9am

The Council vote was postponed from Sept 11 to Oct 9 and Haiku Community Association held a Town Hall on the WUDP on Sept 24. It became clear at that Town Hall that the WUDP really needs more work to be the plan we need for the next 20 years. PLEASE TAKE ACTION ONE MORE TIME: The County Council will hear from the public ONE LAST TIME on the Draft Maui Water Use Development Plan … Read more