Lahaina Injection Wells Lawsuit: Enough Already! Just Fix the Problem

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser agrees – Enough already, Maui County! Stop trying to appeal the lawsuit and start fixing the problem!


Call/Email the Mayor & Maui Council Chair and say “ENOUGH ALREADY! Stop wasting the public’s money to defend illegal injection wells in West Maui. Spend the money instead on fixing the problem!”

Mayor Alan Arakawa

Council Chair Mike White


Background: $3 million down the toilet – Enough Already!

The County paid a main land law firm $3 million to defend its actions of injecting treated wastewater into the ocean without proper state oversight. The County was joined in its fight by the Association of American Railroads, the American Iron and Steel Institute, the American Petroleum Institute, the National Mining Association and the Fertilizer Institute.

The County lost the original court case but kept filing appeals – in total they’ve spent $3 million and lost all 4 times in court. Sierra Club Maui Group was one of 4 plaintiffs in the case, and just this month the County lost ANOTHER appeal.

The County COULD have used that money to build the infrastructure we need to support water recycling. Instead, now they’re talking about filing MORE appeals. Will this be another $3 million of public money down the toilet?

Call or email the mayor and council chair and say: Enough Already – Stop spending the public’s money on lawsuits and just fix the problem!

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2 thoughts on “Lahaina Injection Wells Lawsuit: Enough Already! Just Fix the Problem”

  1. I have managed Counties, Cities, and now four (4) Water Districts, all in California.

    About 3 years ago in Maui I interviewed several staff within confines of the WWTF plant. It looked at that time as if options were being developed, including alternate treatment methods, to settle the long-standing EPA disputes.

    Admittedly I have not kept closely aligned with progress, but I am wondering what COMPETITIVE process has been utilized to justify spending this kind of money?

    I would be happy to share from personal experience over years.

  2. Wow what a disgrace this is! Stop wasting/taking the people’s money and find a solution to clean up the sewage. This is a crime against the people and the land and these acts should be punishable.

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