Welcome our new Group Manager, Kecia

Please extend a warm welcome to our new Maui Group Manager, Kecia Joy! For over thirty years Kecia Joy has been a dedicated environmentalist, marine biologist, educator, and wellness

practitioner with experience as team leader, director, and co-creator of innovative projects. She aspires to serve the planet with integrity through the journey of inner growth and a profound connection to the natural world.

Kecia strives to be a catalyst for the change we yearn to see in the world and is passionate about the environment—especially water! As Director of Education at the Maui Ocean Center, Pacific Whale Foundation, and Roundhouse Lab & Aquarium in California, she has created hundreds of educational programs, trainings, workshops, and leadership courses, and enjoys teaching and lecturing internationally. As a guide and mentor for the next generation of activists who will take a stand (and the action necessary) for a sustainable future, Kecia holds a vision for a thriving community and a healed world.

Kecia has a deep respect and reverence for Hawaiian culture, traditions, and practices. It is Kecia’s “highest honor to collaborate with all in our collective mission to protect and preserve the environment while bridging traditional teachings with new sustainable technologies.” Kecia is a roll up your sleeves and get it done kind of person. As our new Sierra Club Maui Director, you will find Kecia on the trails, in our legislative offices, leading activities and events, and much more.

With a vision of humanity in peaceful partnership with the land and sea, she aspires to co-create a blueprint for a sustainable Maui as a living example to the world of peace and aloha.