Testify for funds to buy Peahi open space area


Don’t let A&B sell this land for development.  Testify in favor of buying the 267 acre Hamakualoa Coast open space-  from Kuiaha to Peahi

 Need more funding!
What: Mayor’s 2017 Budget Meeting
When/Where: two opportunities to speak up
• Tuesday Sept 29 Ha’iku Community Center, Hana Hwy Ha’iku  5:30 pm
• Wed Sept 30  Tavares Center in Pukalani   5:30 pm
Why: the 2016 budget only has $3 million to purchase the 266 acres (over $10 million needed!)
 2017 budget needs to have more funds put towards the purchase.
The Mayor needs to know the people care!
Talking points:
We need to let the mayor know:
1) there is broad public support for this project and for the County Open Space Fund
2) the public supports long range planning for public/community ownership for all the coastal lands from Puniawa ( K-Bay) to Peahi point  (see map)
3) County should start with the 4 lots (267 ac) already proposed, and open discussion w/ A&B on the other two lots.
4) the 267 acres are important place for our Kupuna and should be protected to give them a place to pass on traditional knowledge of many cultures.
5)  there are many groups who want to put the lands to good use and help serve community needs (farming; trails; cultural education;  camping area for youth programs, green cemetery, surf contest access and community use.
6)  The Hamakualoa  lands could be a model of a large publicly managed land area that can generate income for its own upkeep
WHAT HAPPENS: Each budget hearing allows citizens to tell go up to a table where the mayor and his department heads are sitting and support items that should be in the next County budget.
It’s easy.
A group can go up together with one spokesperson, or you can go up as one person.
Be sure to go to the table where the Mayor and Managing director are.
Can’t come? Written testimony can be sent to:   budget.office@co.maui.hi.us
One of the lots has already been sold.  Don’t let this turn into another Palauea where we lose our chance to preserve shoreline for the public.