Maui County bill designed to gut Community Plans

This Thursday June 18th at 9am the Maui County Council Planning Committee will hear PC-021 Amending Chapter 2.80B entitled “A BILL FOR AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 2.80B, MAUI COUNTY CODE, RELATING TO GENERAL PLAN AND COMMUNITY PLAN.”
This bill will remove the force of law from the community plans, making the plans irrelevant and your voice irrelevant. If this passes, all of the time that people have put in over the years on developing these community plans will have been WASTED.
Email and OPPOSE PC-021.

If you can show up Thursday morning and testify against it, that would be great too.

1 thought on “Maui County bill designed to gut Community Plans”

  1. I oppose PC-021

    Do not turn Molokai into an other Oahu. Allow us to governing our land. The bill needs to go through the proper process.

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