Coqui Frogs

Pest Alert

Be on the lookout for these two alien frogs: the coqui (left)
and the greenhouse frog (right). These two invaders were
accidentally introduced to the Big Island via infested
horticultural plants from the Caribbean. Since their
introduction to the Big Island within the last 10 years their
numbers have ballooned, they have infested Maui and have
been sighted on Oahu, Maui and Kauai. The time to stop
them is now!


  1. REPORT frog sightings, calls or locations. If you hear or see these frogs, call 961-3299 on the Big Island or 873-3502 on Maui. Sightings on other islands can be reported at either number.
  2. STOP the spread of these frogs around our islands. This includes the intentional spread of frogs as pets, or their unintentional transport via infested nursery products. Let people know of the threats these frogs pose to our quality of life and wildlife.
    3. ELIMINATE frogs in your area. These frogs can be hand-captured (they are not poisonous) and disposed of humanely. Call the above numbers for more information.

Download a Printable Poster

Listen to report that includes sound of coqui frogs

Control of Coqui Frogs in Hawai’i UH College of Tropical Agriculture

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