Ideas for Solo Hiking – Near Central Maui

In April 2020 we are required to keep a distance from people outside of our own household to slow the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and to allow our health and other services to take care of those who need help. Sierra Club has therefor canceled all organized outings until further notice. But we are still allowed to venture out on our own or with members of our own household for exercise such as walking, … Read more

Hapu’u Fern Shipment Has Little Fire Ants

If you bought Hapu’u Ferns from Home Depot or Lowes within the last year or so, Call Maui Invasive Committee immediately. 573-6472 These guys are so tiny (see photo above – the ants are the little orange specks) but they pack a mean bite and even have been known to kill small animals.  Please share the graphic widely.