Action alert: Single use plastics ban hearing on April 17

Maui’s single-use plastics ban passed first reading (votes 8-1) in March. The council will next hear the bill on April 17. You can tune in to the meeting and submit testimony from the safety of your home: We are asking folks to email our Council Members to thank them for voting for the ban in the first reading and also to email your testimony for the 2nd and FINAL reading in support of the Plastic … Read more

BNL Landfill Trash Proposal

2 Executive Summary 2.1 Proposed IWCEP Solution BNL Clean Energy proposes, as a core element to the solution to the County of Maui’s IWCEP RFP, our new-generation power system technology as part of an integrated waste management system. 2.2 Overview of BNL Technology The technology we propose is the result of many years of product research and development, and has resulted in a series of applications for, and receipt of, patents covering the key innovations … Read more

County’s New Demands Cause Pacific Biodiesel Headaches

Pacific Biodiesel will continue collecting cooking oil and grease and continue supplying Biodiesel to Maui Biodiesel refining operations to move to Big Island. Here’s the press release issued by Pacific Biodiesel America’s oldest biodiesel production plant has vacated the Central Maui  Landfill.  While continuing operations in the collection of used cooking oil and trap grease  waste, Pacific Biodiesel has closed its prototype facility.  Built in 1996, Pacific Biodiesel’s  Maui plant has been widely recognized as … Read more

Maui Sierra Club Trash Forum Sparks Change

Reprinted from Maui Weekly: Anaergia Plan Morphs Again Most of the changes are significant and add, modify or remove major components. December 26, 2013 Jeff Stark – Chair, Maui Recycling Group Public Education Committee , Maui Weekly On Sunday, Dec. 8, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) ran a full-page paid advertisement in The Maui News. In this ad, NRDC Senior Scientist Dr. Allen Hershkowitz presented the latest version of the NRDC/Maui County/Anaergia Services Inc. … Read more