County Sued Over Lahaina Injection Wells

From ENS Newswire Four Hawaii community groups recently filed suit under the national Clean Water Act, asking the federal district court to direct Maui County to secure a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit that would set limits on the pollutants that can be discharged from injection wells at the Lahaina Wastewater Reclamation Facility. Earthjustice filed the complaint last month on behalf of Hawaii Wildlife Fund, Surfrider Foundation, West Maui Preservation Association and Sierra Club-Maui … Read more

Bag Bill in Trouble

Throwaway Bag Bill in Trouble Despite Near Unanimous Support for the Measure, House Finance Committee Has Yet to Schedule a Hearing  Despite overwhelming public support — from numerous retailers, environmentalists, and businesses — the House Committee on Finance has yet to schedule a hearing on SB 2511, a measure that would place a ten cent fee on paper and plastic bags and fund Governor Abercrombie’s watershed initiative. “Chair Marcus Oshiro is well aware of this measure … Read more

SB755 To Destroy Hawaii Environmental Protections

SECTION 1. The purpose of this Act is to promote economic development by temporarily removing regulatory restrictions to the expeditious construction of certain state and count projects. SB755_HD2_PROPOSED_ This bill started out as a gambling bill, morphed into a 5 day tax holiday for school supplies and now has been replaced by “Gut Hawaii Environmental Law”.

Open Letter to Hawai’i Legislators

From the Conservation Counsel of Hawai’i Sign on to the petition, add your comments, see who else has signed on: An Open Letter In Defense of Hawaii’s Environment & Open Government to Hawai‘i State House of Representatives, State Senate, & Governor Neil Abercrombie We vehemently protest certain undemocratic measures taken by the State House of Representatives, Hawaii State Senate, and Governor Abercrombie to dilute basic sunshine and due process laws that protect the public. … Read more


The Hawai`i Superferry presents a classic case of how not to do business in Hawai`i. Superferry’s lack of planning and violation of the Hawaii Environmental Protection Act has created a public debacle, inconvenienced their customers, and put Hawaii’s environment at risk. Three years ago the Sierra Club, Maui Tomorrow, and Kahului Harbor Coalition asked the Hawai`i Superferry and the Lingle Administration to complete an environmental review of the Superferry. Unknown environmental risks, concerned neighbor island … Read more