Speckelsville Village – New Plan, Old Problems

New Plan  —  Same Problems

A&B’s original Spreckelsville Mauka plan called for 400 golf estate houses on 93 acres with a 95 acre golf course and a 5 acre park. Their new, “smart growth” Spreckelsville Village plan puts 380 units of “mixed housing” on 115 acres with a 90 acre golf course/open space, a 5 acre park and 2 acres of community facilities and commercial shops. Does “smart growth” mean building another “town” of 600-1,000 residents 1/2 mile from Pa’ia?

380 new homes on former ag lands will not recreate the plantation village of yesteryear for local Maui residents. It will place more demands on overburdened water, sewer and school systems, police and public facilities. If Spreckelsville’s current ownership patterns prevail, the majority of Spreckelsville Village units will be sold to nonresidents, many of whom will use their houses as lucrative vacation rentals.

Myth vs. Reality

Spreckelsville had 380 families living in 8 “camps” during plantation days. Villagers worked in nearby fields and had few private cars. Their homes had simple water. electric and plumbing systems. Their children walked to nearby schools, stores, fishing spots and the movie theater. Families had small vegetable plots alongside cane fields.

The new Spreckelsville Village will center around a large golf course and expensive golf course homes. No specific prices are listed for its “mixed” housing. Neighborhood children will be bused or driven to schools in Kahului. Residents or tenants will drive to access work, shopping, medical facilities or recreation sites. “Community gardens” will serve as a buffer between the cane fields and their herbicide laced dust and residents houses.

A&B will need nearly a quarter million gallons a day of water from proposed Ha’iku wells for domestic use in Spreckelsville village. Brackish well water will be pumped for golf course irrigation.

A one way “bypass” from the Pa’ia parking lot on Hana Hwy to the Pa’ia post office on Baldwin Ave. is promised to soften the impact of another 700 cars trying to access crowded North shore roads. After 200 of the 380 units are occupied, a “Traffic Impact Assessment” will be done to determine if additional traffic “mitigations” are needed.

Translation: North shore residents wait in traffic lines while “experts” do
more studies to figure out why.


A&B promises if Spreckelsville Village is approved, they will not develop their Paia School Project District- trading promised affordable housing approved by local citizens for a golf course “village:”

Pa’ia School Project District 
(Approved in the current Ha’iku/Pa’ia Community Plan)
330 housing units on 71 acres including “affordable housing for all income levels “and a section of “self help” lots for low income families to build homes, 7 acres of park and greenbelt along Baldwin Ave. and 2 acres of neighborhood commercial. Adjacent to Paia School (only elementary school in Maui with capacity for more students).

“Spreckelsville Village” Project District 
(Proposed for inclusion in Wailuku/Kahului Community Plan)
380 units on 115 acres, (defined as “mixed housing” with no price range specified, with upscale lots lining proposed golf course), 90 acre golf course and ag buffer zones, 5 acre park, 1 acre parking lot and 2 acre community and neighborhood commercial. Students will attend Kahului schools.

Who Should Plan Spreckelsville’s Future?

Spreckelsville was included in the Pa’ia Community Planning District for the 1980 Community Plan. In 1990, it was moved into the Wailuku/Kahului Community Plan. Community Associations and citizen groups in Ha’iku, Spreckelsville, and Pa’ia have all asked to have Spreckelsville restored to the Pa’ia/Ha’iku Planning area so local residents can have a say in the planning process.