Kahoma Villages Comments

Dear Councilmember Carroll,

The Sierra Club, Maui Group has several concerns about the Kahoma Village Subdivision.

The developer is essentially asking to be relieved of his park requirement because he’s making a what amounts to a private park. Because there will be no public parking and no public rest rooms, the park will be mostly inaccessible to residents outside the subdivision. The park will not be able to be used for soccer and Little League.

The developer wants to pay no fees. He wants the taxpayers of Maui County to pay for all the inspections. This is not acceptable.

The developer wants to be relieved of his infrastructure contribution. We have been developing ahead of roads and other infrastructure and it causes traffic jams. It also lets the developer take profits while the taxpayers are left to pay for the required infrastructure. The developer should pay his fair portion of infrastructure costs.

The developer does not want to adhere to Maui County height restrictions. When we start allowing the height to be measured to “finished grade” we allow the same problem as Kahului where the developer built up the land, causing lawsuits and damage to neighboring properties. Let’s not repeat that fiasco. Do not allow the developer to use “finished grade” for his measurements.

Land in this area is over a series of lava tubes and has been subsiding. Is this suitable for building?

This land was used for a construction dump. Are there toxics? Who will pay if they build these homes and they are subsequently found to be contaminated?

The developer wants to be relieved of his duty to supply a bond. We do not understand why the County would allow this.