FACE Petition & Meeting on Lifting PV Cap

Many of you are already leaders in helping make the shift to a more sustainable future for Maui.  I am writing to invite you to a meeting FACE is holding this Friday (Mar 7) 5pm at Catholic Charities in Kahului to plan a response to both the slow connection rate for future solar installations, as well as the proposed surcharges for existing solar users. We will be joined by the Sierra Club and others who have been working on this issue for some time.

The reason for holding this meeting now is the pressing need for a reaction during the month of March to both a series of bills and Public Utility Commission proposals which are aimed at hindering the spread of solar, as well as a positive bill moving through the House and Senate.  The effort to address this specific problem will be time limited and will need a quicker than normal reaction from our community.

We are considering a sign waving and a series of legislative meetings over the next month.  Please come if you can, and email me with questions or if you need directions.

Mahalo for signing this petition, and please pass it on to your friends and family!