Wailea 670 / Honua‘ula asks Maui County Council to Amend Conditions of Zoning

From 2004 to early 2008 Maui County Council debated the potential Conditions of Zoning placed on Wailea 670/ Honua’ula project. The upscale 1400 unit development was proposed to be built around a private golf course. Eventually, it also promised to provide 700 units of affordable housing, with 250 units built first, within a few years, in an off site location. It also promised millions in funding to benefit public facilities. On March 8, 2008, in … Read more

Maui Group Victory! 160 Acres Protected from Development in Wailea

October 26, 2016 Settlement Leads to Protection of Culturally and Environmentally Sensitive Land at Honua’ula (Joint Press Release of Sierra Club, Maui Unite and Honua’ula Partners, LLC)    After more than three years of extensive negotiations, environmental and cultural groups, Sierra Club and Maui Unite, have entered into a settlement agreement with developer Honua’ula Partners, LLC and the County of Maui.  The settlement calls for the protection of over 160 acres of land containing ancient … Read more

Wailea 670 Not Living Up to Conditions

When the Wailea 670 (Honua’ula) development was granted a zoning change from agricultural 30 conditions were imposed as Maui County law.  Sierra Club observes that not all these conditions are being met and has filed a lawsuit challenging the Wailea 670 EIS.

Additionally, the Sierra Club has submitted testimony to the County Council for the annual review of Wailea 670 (Honua’ula) condition compliance pointing out the conditions that the developer is violating.  This is the testimony:

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Sierra Club Files Challenge to Wailea 670 EIS

Rare native wiliwili forest occupies planned development location, Wailea 670.

The Sierra Club and Maui Unite have filed a legal challenge the Maui Planning Commission’s approval of a final environmental impact statement for the Honua’ula project in South Maui.

Old growth native wiliwili forest plants need 130-acre preserve to survive. Wailea 670 EIS says 40-acres is all that is needed. Does the EIS follow the law? 

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