Congressional Debate Tuesday

Maui Group of the Sierra Club and Akaku are sponsoring a live two hour debate on Tuesday, June 5 from 7-9 pm at the Akaku studio, 333 Dairy Road, Kahului Candidates who are actively campaigning in Maui County were extended an invitation. Esther Kia’aina accepted Bob Marx accepted Tulsi Gabbard accepted. Mufi Hannemann declined

Sat, Feb 25th: Benefit Star Watch with Harriet Witt

Saturday, February 25th: Benefit Star Watch with Harriet Witt on the slopes of Ukumehame. (West Maui)    Come spend an evening with astronomer Harriet Witt learning about the lore of our Hawaiian night sky.  Amazing panoramic sky views from a private viewing area in Ukumehame. Coffee and tea and restroom facilities provided by our hosts: the Duey Ohana. Bring comfortable folding chair or folding chaise lounge. Viewing area is paved, so surface is quite hard. Donation: $5 … Read more