Earth Justice talks about Hawaii’s ChemCo problem

“The only thing that stands between my home and these chemicals is a polluted irrigation ditch,” says Maliea Chun, who says that the pesticide spraying is constant, even at night. “We are surrounded by and exposed to pesticides on a daily basis.” Read the article here  

Dr. Tyrone Hayes on Syngenta

May 15-Maui, Wailuku, Henry Perrine Baldwin High School Auditorium, 6:30pm May 16-Molokai, Kaunakakai, Molokai Community Health Center, 6:00pm Hawai’i SEED today announced the state-wide speaking tour of world-renowned University of California Berkeley Professor of Integrative Biology Dr. Tyrone Hayes. Dr. Hayes will be joined by local food advocates from each island community. Paul Towers from Pesticide Action Network will be speaking as well, presenting an overview of pesticide use nationally and internationally and the significant … Read more

Amended Maui County Pesticide Disclosure Bill

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GMO INTITIATIVE The opposition to the GMO Initiative is not telling you the truth. If you are interested in reading the GMO Initiative please go here. For historical record we list the Pesticide bill that was introduced to the Maui County Council and voted down. This bill is no longer in play.   ORDINANCE NO. _______________ BILL NO. ____________ (2013) a bill for an ordinance amending title 20, … Read more