GMO Initiative – read the law

A BILL PLACING A MORATORIUM ON THE CULTIVATION OF GENETICALLY ENGINEERED ORGANISMS Chapter 20.39 of the Maui County Code 19__ (20__ Edition, as amended) is amended by adding a new article to be appropriately designated and to read as follows: Article __ Moratorium on the Cultivation of Genetically Engineered Organisms.” SECTION 1: Summary Statement The Hawaii Constitution states that the Public Trust Resources (including but not limited to the land, water, and air) shall be … Read more

GMO Moritorium march

Sunday March 30th Noon Meet at War Memorial for march End at the Na Kai ‘Ewalu Hale at the harbor (Ho’aloha Park across from Maui Mall) Rally starts at 2pm Music and speakers Sign the GMO Moritorium petition (must be signed in person) which stops GMO growing in Maui county until a study has been done showing that it is safe.

GMO Presentation by Dr. Lorrin Pang

GMO’s: Are We Gambling With Our Health by Dr. Lorrin Pang World Health Organization Consultant Speaking as a Private Citizen Wednesday, Nov 13th, 7pm FREE Paia Community Center This engaging Power Point presentation provides scientific and medical facts that everyone immediately needs to know about as to how genetically engineered foods and crops, Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT), and chemical cocktail GE Farming Practices affect our health and our environment.

Federal Court Rules Biopharm Permits Issued Illegally in Hawai’i

Ruling first ever on controversial drug-producing GE crops manufactured by Monsanto and others

Citing possible harm to Hawai’i’s 329 endangered and threatened species, a federal district judge has ruled that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in permitting the cultivation of drug-producing, genetically engineered crops throughout Hawai’i. The court found that USDA acted in “utter disregard” of the ESA, and also violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), by failing to conduct even preliminary investigations prior to its approval of the plantings.

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