County Water Availability Policy Under Attack!

Developers claim (falsely) the current law keeps Affordable Housing from being built!! 
Exactly the opposite is true! 
SEVENTY-FIVE PER CENT of all future housing units will be UNAFFORDABLE to those with Maui salaries. 
New developments are NOW only required to have 25% of their units sell between $300k and $570 k. The rest, 75%, can be any price.
Real affordable housing projects are exempt from the law, and therefore given priority for the water we do have.

Please spread the word. 

Developers and large landowners want to get rid of this law and the realistic planning and accountability it brings to water management.
Our public trust water resources are at risk if the water department loses this important planning tool.
Wednesday Dec. 2      9am    TESTIFY 
Water Resources Committee Meeting
8th Fl. County Building
Can’t COME?
Testimony may be submitted to    referencing agenda item WR-11.
Keep our Water Availability Law Strong!!
• Keeps accountability in our water planning. Bill asks large developments to get real and “prove they have a water source”
• Protects water supply of current residents from being over-promised to new, unaffordable developments.
• Protects our aquifers and streams from over exploitation, as was commonly  done before the bill passed.
• Has encouraged water conservation efforts when large commercial water users like hotels want to expand
• Asks County Water Department to comment on all proposed wells, including their impacts on the exercise of traditional and customary Native Hawaiian rights and practices.
Background: The water availability policy, codified at Chapter 14.12 of the Maui County Code, was enacted in 2007 with the intent to conserve the county’s water resources. 
The ordinance requires applicants for development approvals to provide evidence of “a long-term, reliable supply of water.”
The Committee is being asked to approve amendments to REPEAL the current bill.
“The policy is often mentioned in discussions as one of the main reasons why affordable housing has not been built,” Baisa said.
“This review will provide a chance to evaluate what the policy’s true impact has been.”
The current law actually supports affordable housing being built, since it exempts all the following type of developments from proving a water source, giving them priority access to County water supplies where available:
• family subdivisions
• infill projects of 10 lots or less in west or central Maui service areas
•  projects with 100% affordable housing in west or central Maui service areas
•  public/quasi public housing projects in west or central Maui service areas
If the law is repealed, thousands of new units already approved in Central, South and West Maui will be “entitled” to water meters, whether there 
are sufficient water resources available or not.

Kihei History Night: Land of Palauea

Tuesday, November 3
 Kihei History Night: Land of Palauea
Slideshow and talk story with historical researchers Daniel Kanahele and Lucienne de Naie  and biologist Colin McCormick about one of south Maui’s legendary areas.
 6 to 7:30 pm at Kihei Library.  FREE

“This Changes Everything” at the MACC

This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs The Climate

Watch a talk Naomi Klein filmed at First Parish in Cambridge. Ms Klein is the author of <em>This Changes Everything</em> which was made into a movie and is being shown at 7:00pm<strong> on </strong>Tuesday,October<strong> 20</strong> at the MACC. This piece runs a little over an hour.

Klein has been exploring the interface between environmental degradation and capitalism since her first book, No Logo, appeared in 1999. Her provocative new book, <em>This Changes Everything</em>, argues that carbon is not the ultimate cause of climate change; the real enemy is capitalism. She provides a far-reaching explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core “free market” ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political systems. Who benefits from the status quo? How deeply are the current power structures embedded in our political economy? How difficult will it be to change them?

Naomi Klein is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author of The New York Times and international bestseller, <em>The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism</em> and <em>No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies</em>, which The New York Times called “a movement bible.”

You can also watch this online:

Rally to buy Hamakua Coast lands as open space!

Rally to Protect hundreds of acres of Hamakua Coast lands as open space!

Tuesday, Oct 13th
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Hana Hwy in front of Ha’iku Community Center
Wear green, bring signs, banners, etc.

Rally immediately followed by “Legislators Listen” event State House of Representative leaders come to Ha’iku to listen to needs of local residents, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Ha’iku Community Center

Please join us to ask our House leaders and our District 13 Rep Lynn De Coite to put funds in the state budget to buy the 277 acre Oili Rd lot (where the Peahi Big Wave contest is viewed)
using Legacy Lands Funds or other available funding.
Cost: $4.8 million.

See Facebook Event.

Planning Commission to consider whether to include ag burning impacts in SMA

Chris Profio’s petition to add the following to the criteria for considering SMA petitions will be heard by the Maui Planning Commission on October 13, 2015 at 9am in the Planning Conference Room located at 250 High Street in Wailuku.

(K) A description of all current impacts to the parcel and adjacent parcels caused by open-air agricultural burning, if any, and a description of anticipated changes to current impacts due to the proposed action, if any. 

When the rule change comes up for consideration the Planning Department will present an overview of the Petition, and the Department of the Corporation Counsel may wish to comment. You should then be given an opportunity to present the Petition, and then public testimony should be taken.
The Planning Commission has scheduled Chris Profio’s request for a rule to consider smoke and dust when granting a SMA permit. Please show up and testify. This will help raise awareness of the problem which cane burning presents to our environment and people.

Link to requested rule change. (Rule change is underlined)

Aloha ‘Aina Unity March MAUI

On Sunday October 18th at 10am Maui will have it’s own Aloha ‘?ina Unity March down Front Street in Lahaina.

Last August, the Aloha ‘Aina Unity March  on Oahu brought together various environmental groups, hui, h?lau, and supporters to Waikiki. Over 10,000 people marched through Waikiki in UNITY to support further efforts of Aloha ‘?ina across Hawaii.

With the success on Oahu, AAUM is coming to Maui! The Aloha ‘Aina Unity March is dedicated to awareness, education, and activation of the issues affecting Hawai’i’s sacred sites, cultural landscapes, agricultural land, water, and ocean.

INVITE your friends and family. Let this be the day we show up in large numbers in UNITY to make a statement against corporation interest that has taken over the voice and the will of our people. In UNITY we can be the change. Show up in RED, bring signs, hae hawai’i, lei, and KAPU ALOHA.


Also keep in mind this is a #zerowaste event. So bring your own reusable water bottle! We will have water coolers for you to refill. Protecting the ‘aina starts with each one of us in our daily actions.

Join our growing Hui of organizations coming together in support of protecting the ‘aina: