South Maui Plans – Let Your Voice Be Heard

Attend Council Meeting 9am Next Tuesday May 29
County Council Chambers  200 High St Wailuku
If you can’t come: send comments to
General Plan Committee

South Maui Alert: Four “NEW TOWNS” in South Maui?
Your Voice is very much Needed on the “Maui Island Plan South Maui Maps”            


 If you can’t come, send comments to the General Plan Committee:

Here is what the Planning Director is now proposing and it is different from what the GPAC and Planning Commission recommended.  There are significant  changes to both text and maps.


• REAL UNIT NUMBERS:  ask General Plan Committee to discuss real numbers of units/ not vague shapes on a map. NOTE: New planning director wants Council not to look at Kihei numbers because they are HUGE!

REASONABLE GROWTH: Remember- 4,000 NEW units are already completely approved, but not built in Kihei-Makena  Mauka of Piilani- no more than 1,000 new units are needed over 20 years.  Makai- of Piilani- 400 new “infill units beyond already approved projects   Total 1,400 new units. (number forecasted by COUNTY STUDIES to meet Kihei- Makena demand till 2030). (NOTE recently released Planning Department maps would allow THREE TIMES THAT AMOUNT (3,350 mauka units!!)


• NO NEW GROWTH AREAS IN MAKENA Makena Resort already has 1,000 acres with urban entitlements. They have pushed the planning department to add 390 MORE acres around the North Makena Golf course to the Urban Growth Boundary. GPAC, Maui Plan Commission, and former Planning Director all  reviewed and rejected this request over the last 5 years.    It is not needed!

COMPACT GROWTH BOUNDARY:   Three  Kihei “growth areas” are proposed on NEW maps, in addition to approved , but not built, new “towns” of  Makena  (1,000 units) and Wailea 670 (1,150 units) .

ONE new area would be plenty. Some groups are supporting  a more compact growth boundary centered around the Maui High Tech park (1,200 new  residential units proposed ) and new High School and connecting with the existing core of the Kihei community.

PROTECTION FOR NATURAL GULCHES AND RUGGED NATIVE FOREST AREAS IN KIHEI   Latest Planning Dept maps (released May 23, 2012) don’t show most of Kihei- Makena’s  gulches and do not indicate that native forest areas exist in the southern area of  Wailea 670, the protected Palauea cultural preserve or the County owned  lands along Kamaole gulch.

  • Ask that all gulches be shown as “sensitive lands”.
  • Ask that the native dryland forest areas of Palauea  and
  • Kamaole be shown on the Kihei-Makena Protection Area maps in the Plan.  Support the Protection Areas shown in green on the maps for Kealia Pond and Makena-La Perouse-Kanaio.