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Initiative To Benefit Nearshore Fisheries

Please write to Governor Abercrombie and ask him to pick Maui for the Pilot project for restoring the near shore fisheries.
Honolulu, Hawaii — Governor Neil Abercrombie today announced a joint initiative between the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), Conservation International (CI), and the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation (HKL Castle) […]

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Haleakala Telescope


See Kilakila o Haleakala website
Map of Proposed Telescope Sites
The Issue
One view is that, Maui (and Hawai’i as a whole) needs high tech jobs
Another view is that Haleakala is a sacred place with deep meaning in the Hawaiian culture. The existing telescope buildings are an obvious eyesore and adding more will only intensify the problem.


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Stephanie Fried Biodiesel Testimony

Testimony of Stephanie Fried, PhD
Testimony of Stephanie Fried, Ph.D. Environmental Defense
OPPOSING HB 1718 HD1 relating to special purpose revenue bonds for BlueEarth Maui Biodiesel, LLC, for construction of a biodiesel refinery on Maui.
FRIDAY, March 30, 2007 3:00 P.M.
Conference Room 308
Aloha Representatives Oshiro, Lee, and Finance Committee Members
I am enclosing some information on the palm oil […]

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Key conditions for sustainable Biodiesel:

Use waste and byproducts or locally grown feedstock that doesn’t displace rain forests
Decentralize – small plants using local feedstock and selling locally

Biofuel LifeCycle Paper
Sierra Club National Biomass Policy
Sierra Club National Ethanol Policy
Biodiesel Crop Implementation in Hawaii (pdf)
Dr. Stephanie Fried Testimony (Lots of info and links)
Cruel Oil: How Palm Oil Harms Health, […]

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