Testimony on the PLDC Bill

From Henry Curtis:

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The PLDC must be repealed before we consider other legislation

Rep. Ryan I. Yamane, Chair
Rep. Linda Ichiyama, Vice Chair


DATE: Wednesday, January 30, 2013
TIME: 10:00am
PLACE: Conference Room 309, State Capitol

HB 942 Public Lands Development Corporation is renamed the Harbors and Parks Development Authority

“Creating a development arm of the department of land and natural resources”

“The authority may develop and implement harbors and park lands optimization projects where appropriate harbors and park lands may be developed or managed to create revenue-generating centers or where, through detailed analysis, opportunities exist to exploit potential local, national, and international markets.”

“enter into public-private agreements to appropriately develop the harbors and park lands”

“Permissible uses of harbors and park land pursuant to this chapter shall include but not be limited to office space; vehicular parking; commercial uses; accommodations”