Hiking on Maui and in Hawai’i

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  • Na Ala Hele is the State of Hawai’i Trail and Access Program. You can read more about its history and visit their website for a list of public access trails.
  • While hiking in Hawai’i is extremely rewarding, hikers should read up on how and where they can hike safely and how to be culturally respectful. Scroll down to learn more.
  • If you have questions about hiking, you can contact us.

Tips for Hiking Safely in Hawai’i

Hiking in Hawai’i is very rewarding but comes with unique challenges that can be very dangerous, so it is very important to be well-informed before you hike any area. Click here to learn more.

Cultural Awareness

We encourage all hikers to learn how to be respectful of environmental features and cultural sites that are sacred to kānaka maoli (Native Hawaiians) before you hike through them.

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Conservation & Health Issues

The Hawaiian islands suffers from many invasive plant and animal species as well as plant-killing diseases. Some are present on all the islands, while others are not. If you’re visiting multiple islands, you can help stop the spread by following safety protocols.

Emergency Preparedness

Maui County’s Maui Ready website offers information on how to prepare for an emergency on Maui, plus general safety and public health issues to be aware of.