Committee Members


  1. Rob Weltman - Chair
    Rob is a retired software engineer with a lifelong love for the outdoors and for preserving and securing an environment that will sustain the plants and animals of our shared earth and the people who walk it. He sees bringing people of all ages and backgrounds into nature to experience the outdoors first hand a key element of building broad support for the action required to safeguard our natural resources.
  2. Janet Six - Vice Chair
  3. Stacia Ash - Secretary
    Stacia has worked for the Maui Department of Environmental Management, Recycling Section for twelve years managing recycling programs, contracts, facilities and offering technical assistance and resources to the community. Her B.S. in Environmental Science has an emphasis in Sustainable Community Development. She has worked as an Environmental Consultant preparing ESA’s and as an Environmental Educator at the Hawaii Nature Center. She also served for six years as Maui Sierra Club Co-Conservation Chair and Secretary. Stacia enjoys Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling, traveling, reading and spending time with her family.
  4. Terez Amato - Treasurer
    Terez is a lover of wilderness and open space, a longtime member of the Sierra Club, and a small business owner and a bookkeeper. She brings her practical experience to the table as the Maui Group Treasurer along with her commitment to conservation. Terez is passionate about growing food for her family, fighting for food security, clean air, soil, and water, and native habitat protection. In her free time, she enjoys hiking or riding bikes.
  5. Clare Apana
    Claire is a native of Wailuku, Maui, is a cultural practitioner and teacher who is deeply involved with cultural preservation issues throughout Maui. Clare received the Sierra Club’s Onipa‘a Award in 2013 for her long dedication to research and advocacy to protect Maui’s traditional cultural landscapes and burial areas. She has a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and has a private practice in both Maui and Honolulu.
  6. Lucienne De Naie
    Lucienne de Naie is a long time Club member who has served as Chair and Vice-chair of the Sierra Club Hawaii Chapter Executive Committee. She is a researcher and writer whose passion is protection of native plants, streams, watersheds and cultural sites.
  7. Trinette Furtado

    Trinette Furtado serves on ‘Aha Kauleo, the statewide coalition for Hawaiian Language Immersion schoolsin Hawai‘i. She is active in education, environmental, and resource issues. She recently helped organize several very successful community actions for a variety of issues including the well-received Stop the TPP. She has also been instrumental in bringing awareness to issues facing Haleakal? and other wahi pana (sacred places) across Maui. She owns a consultant and design business.
  8. Daniel Grantham
    Daniel has served on Maui Sierra Club board for 12 years, in a number of positions, including Chair. His years videotaping community and government meetings for public access TV has given him some familiarity with Maui issues. His science studies and electro-mechanical work background have fueled his interest in the practical and technical aspects of renewable energy and sustainability. Nature, he believes, illustrates the importance of decentralization to robust and resilient life support systems.



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Any Sierra Club member may add items to the agenda by emailing us at least a week prior to the meeting. To find out when and where the next Executive Committee meeting is contact Stacia. Sierra Club members are invited to attend our monthly meetings. Please feel free to contact any of the Executive Committee members to give your feedback on issues.

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